So, you’ve gotten your G1 and are now waiting for your first lesson. You’re probably feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness as you approach your first experience in a Beginners Driving Program. So, what is it that you can do to prepare yourself?

  1. Connect with your driving instructor and plan where you would like to start and end the lesson ahead of time. Would you like to be picked up from home and dropped back home? Or would you like to be picked up from home and end the lesson at your school?
  2. Before your first driving lesson, make sure to refresh lane markings, rules, and regulations from the Ontario Drivers Handbook. Preparing will help you pick up practical skills quickly.
  3. Be relaxed and ready a few minutes before time at your predetermined location. If you’re late for a lesson, you’re losing your own time to learn, so be ready for when your instructor arrives.
  4. Remember to wear glasses if you require them and carry your driving license whenever you go for a driving lesson (or when driving in general!)

When the driving instructor picks you up for your first lesson, he/she will drive you to a quieter road and switch seats with you. Only then will you be able to commence driving. It is natural for students to get excited and want to start driving from the get-go, but it is important to pay attention to your teacher.

First, you must understand seating positions, mirror positions and steering positions. Once the seating position and mirrors have been adjusted, put your seat belt on. Next, you will learn controls and switches in your car.

At this point, your driving instructor will explain what is expected from you as a driver and what you can and should expect from others while on the road. Your driving instructor may take a few minutes to explain and break down manoeuvres into steps, so that it is easy for you to follow. It is, therefore, always a good idea to schedule the first lesson for 2 hours.

Your instructor will have lesson plans specific to each lesson, which will include the manoeuvres that need to be completed. By the end of the lesson, you should be comfortable with the manoeuvres that were taught.

Usually, the first lesson comprises of moving from the curbside, checking your mirror, signalling and checking your blind spot, stopping the car by the curbside, and curbside parking. It may be a little overwhelming in the beginning but do your best to relax and just focus on your driving. Remember: your instructor has dual brakes and will be able to assist you with steering as well. Good luck!

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