When it comes to choosing a driving instructor/school, the best option for you is someone who is familiar with the techniques of safe driving. A driving school/instructor is not just teaching you the basics of driving a car, but helping you to prevent unwanted road accidents, whether it is due to the actions of other drivers on the road or the varying weather conditions in Canada.

How to Find the Right Driving Instructor/School:

  1. Ensure that both the driving school and instructor are within your area
  2. Check prices and read fine print – don’t hesitate to ask questions on what is covered, what is not, additional charges, etc.
  3. Read as many reviews as you can (preferably on Google) or ask a family member or  friend to refer options based on their experiences
  4. Get good value for your money – just getting cheap rates shouldn’t be the only criteria, get good service for the right price!
    • For instructors: check their hourly rates and flexibility for timing.
    • For driving schools: check if their charges are all-inclusive and whether there are any hidden charges

5. Vehicle choice – is it automatic or stick shift? Is it equipped with dual brake and well maintained?

When you are satisfied, you can sign up at AAA Top Driving School. We welcome you to come and visit our office to discuss any questions you have before signing in.

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