Post COVID-19, there will be many changes to help all of us adapt to our new reality. As we prepare to open our in-car driving lessons at AAA Top Driving School, we will be making the required changes to align to the directions from the MTO and the Government of Ontario. Instructors and students will be expected to follow these protocols to ensure the safety of the student, instructor and their respective families.


As a business, our first priority is to ensure the safety of our staff and students. As such, we are taking steps to follow any directions given by health officials. The list below will be updated as we receive more information or require more changed.



1.     If you notice any symptoms of flu, cold, etc., please inform your instructor and reschedule your lesson

2.     Please wear a mask and gloves for the duration of your lesson

3.     Bring your own disinfectant gel to use prior to the lesson


1.     Wear gloves and protective shield while giving lessons

2.     Sanitize the vehicle after each lesson

3.     Cancel all lessons if you notice any symptom of a cold, flu, etc.

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