There are many DriveTest locations in Ontario. The DriveTest Centres in Ontario are also known as Driver Examination Centres, Driving Test Centres, Road Test Centres, G1 Test Centres, and Written Test Centres.

Drivers can obtain a G1 driver' s license after reaching the age of 16 and passing the Vision and Knowledge test (G1 written test). The G1 written test is meant to assess your general driving knowledge.

Knowledge tests for all license classes are available in all DriveTest Centres in Ontario. Knowledge tests are written tests that determine whether you have a good understanding of the traffic signs and the road rules. They are multiple-choice questions tests based on the official Ontario Driver’s Handbooks.

Click on the following link to access practice questions for G1:

G2 driver's license rules and restrictions

According to MTO criteria, road tests (for cars/vans/small trucks, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles) assess your driving skills. Ontarians can obtain a G2 driver's license 12 months after they've passed the G1 written test (or eight months, if they have taken the BDE course from a licensed driving school) and once they’ve passed the G2 road test. The G2 road test is meant to assess the driver's practical skills on the road. Similarly, the test further assesses the curriculum from the G1 written test, which ensures that the driver really knows their stuff.

There are more than 90 DriveTest Centres in Ontario. To find a DriveTest Centre close to you, click on the link below:

To find a DriveTest Centre near you, click on the link below:

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