Have you ever heard some of your friends calling the left lane is a fast lane? When it comes to driving, people have their own opinions and interpretations.

Many drivers get ticketed for speeding in left lane and they get surprised because they were in the “fast” lane. They thought they were allowed to drive beyond the posted speed limit. Perhaps it’s time they understand that there is no fast lane and to let them know about the true speed limit and reasoning for each lane. According to HTA, all lanes in the city, the highways, and expressways have the same speed limit. The rules of the road ask drivers to keep to the right except while passing. It also asks slower-moving vehicles keep to the right.

Interpretations and opinions have led people to believe that there is a slow lane and a fast lane on the road, hence the opinion of the left lane being a “fast” lane, which is actually contrary to the rules of the road. The left lane is simply a passing lane – you still maintain the same speed and rules as the rest of the road, and you try to not just remain in that lane, but rather just use it for passing. This rule holds for roads with multiple lanes as well. To ensure a smooth flow of traffic, drivers may drive in different lanes. Ideally, the left lane is for anyone wishing to pass, however ideal situations are hard to find while driving.

In city driving, if right lane traffic is moving smoothly then driving in the right lane would make sense, however, there may be cars parked in this lane forcing drivers to switch to the left lane. Drivers should try not to drive for extended periods of time in the left lane and move back to the right lane as soon as it is practical.

On the highway/freeway, while driving, moving to the middle or left lane when approaching merging traffic allows drivers a free lane to safely merge onto the highway/freeway. It’s basic courtesy. Driving in the middle lane, sometimes referred to as the “lane of least resistance” may be a good idea for smooth and safe flow of traffic. If the vehicle behind you is approaching fast then the best thing to do is to move over to allow them to pass. Just don’t hold someone back who wants to travel faster than you. Sharing the road and following the rules helps to protect everyone, including you.

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