There is no rule regarding who should take Refresher Driving Lessons. There are many situations/reasons for novice or experienced drivers to take refresher driving lessons.

Most people think that once they get their G2 driving lesson, they are good for lifetime; However, the reality is that many G2 drivers are moving towards taking refresher driving lessons. Many people consider taking refresher driving lessons immediately after passing the G2 road test and claiming their license. This can be because they were trained in driving school cars and may lack confidence to drive in their own car. Sometimes after getting their G2 driving licence, individuals do not have access to a car and the gap of few months till they get their own car can lead to a loss of self-confidence, which refresher driving lessons helps them regain.

Some novice drivers have acquired bad driving habits and need a few refresher driving lessons before attempting a G road test. Just find the best instructor in your city to guide you in the best way possible, while making you feel safe and comfortable behind the wheel.

Everyone who needs to develop their driving skills or overcome their fear should take refresher driving lessons, regardless of if they have a one-year-old driving license or one decade old. Drivers of all ages can improve their skills and develop a sense of high confidence.

Some experienced drivers, when they approach 80 years of age, may need to take road test again because when they learnt to drive, the rules, driving conditions and technology in cars was very different. Even if you are a good driver and have been driving cars for many years, taking a few refresher lessons can help you in some specific respects such as driving on a freeway, driving at night, etc.

Anyone who has bought a new car and wants to have a firm grip on the wheel could take a refresher driving lessons which would help them to learn controls of the car and get more confidence driving their own car as well.

How refresher driving lessons can help:

  1. Build self-confidence!
  2. Updates your knowledge and skill!
  3. Makes you safer and more responsible.
  4. Helps you familiarise yourself with rules and regulations If you are in new city!
  5. Post a collision, refresher lessons can help you regain your confidence before going on the road.

We suggest that every person should take refresher driving lessons every few years to keep pace with the advancing world. The car of 2024 is very different compared to the vehicle you were able to drive ten years back. A lot of features, functions, and mechanisms are being changed with each new model. Before conducting a newly released car with unique features, taking refresher lessons can make a big difference.

Refresher driving lessons after G2 or as a full G-licensed driver is almost the same as an ordinary driving lesson. During the refresher lessons, the Ministry-approved instructor will offer you help and advice when it is required instead of providing you with all the beginner training. If you decide to take refresher driving lessons for your road test, our Ministry-approved instructors will try to cover everything you should know to pass your road test easily and road safety within few classes.

Read our diverse blogs to improve your general awareness of vehicles and gain important tips. At AAA Top Driving School, we aim to be an affordable driving school that has been teaching students the basic functions of car parts, how to take care of the car, rules, regulations, collision avoidance, how to prepare for their G1 & G2 road tests in Brampton and nearby drive test centres, for many years now. We prepare them to not only be safe and confident drivers, but we also set them up for success in their G2/G road test at varying drive test centres. We also complete G and G2 test booking. Join us and work towards your G2 and G driver’s license today!

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