In-car Driving Lessons

While it’s possible to learn to drive on your own or from someone who isn’t a professional instructor, it is not encouraged. You may learn incorrect information or develop unsafe driving habits. In addition to that, any weaknesses or faults with your driving may go unchecked, leading to an accident in the future that could otherwise have been prevented through learning defensive driving and how to make the right decision on the road from a qualified driving instructor.

Let’s look at 10 reasons for why you should learn from a reputed driving school with competent and experienced driving instructors:

  1. Learn from a professional – a professional driving instructor is a trained individual well versed in the rules, regulations, and laws of the road. 
  2. Learn theory –A professional and good driving instructor is always aware of all driving laws and can alert you of any recent changes. Understanding driving theory helps the student make the right decision while on the road, without needing someone’s help.
  3. Safety while learning – driving school vehicles are equipped with a dual brake and rear-view mirror for additional safety and driving instructors are professionals experienced and trained to teach students with wide-ranging needs. A driving school vehicle and a professional instructor will ensure the student’s safety a lot better than just a friend’s or relative’s car.
  4. More confidence – Attending driving lessons ensures both your safety as well as the safety of other drivers on the road. Each session with an instructor puts you into real-life situations. As you practice, you will become more confident and less intimidated on the road leading to you being an absolute pro on the day of the real driving test, ensuring that you ace your road test the first time!
  5. Staying up to date with rules and regulations – in-class sessions provide an opportunity for you to learn about rules and regulations as well as get any questions you have addressed before you get onto the road.
  6. Practice for the real test – a driving instructor can break down the examiner’s expectations for the Drive Test and run a mock test to evaluate you according to the standards expected by the ministry.
  7. Meet friends and driving partners – in-class sessions give you a chance to learn in an environment that puts you at ease. Many driving schools will pair you up with other students during driving sessions, so you can learn from their mistakes as well as your own.
  8. Reduce waiting time before your G1 – in Ontario, the waiting period for a G1 exit exam can be reduced from 12 months to 8 months by completing a BDE course.
  9. Reduce insurance rates – completing a BDE course from an MTO approved driving school can greatly reduce the cost of your car insurance. The discount varies depending on the insurance provider and coverage, so consult an insurance agent for a quote. For young drivers, this is especially beneficial as they often have higher initial insurance costs.

10. Meet employment requirements – employers are constantly looking for drivers that are mobile and an important requirement is for the driver to have undergone defensive driver training.

For any new driver, driver’s education provides a solid foundation of driving skills that will help you throughout your life. A formal training program consists of classroom-based and practical teaching meant to equip new drivers with the correct and required driving skills.

Regardless of whether you’re a first-time driver or someone who’s been driving for ages, but just needs to brush up or improve, undergoing driver’s education in a formal institution can help you. Make sure you make the right decision, pick a driving school that is well-equipped, and while it may not be a cheap driving school, it should be an affordable one that helps you get your money’s worth.

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